Will Sony PlayStation 5 Reappear in India in the Coming Months? Here’s What We Know So Far


Sony’s latest gaming console, the PlayStation 5 launched in India earlier this year, with the pre-orders for the disc version going live in early February. The first batch of the PlayStation 5 was sold out within seconds on all platforms and stores back in February, and ever since there has been no restock of the PS5 in India. Sony has also not launched the Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 in India yet, although the prices have been announced since November 2020. Now, the failure to restock the PS5 in India is being linked to the ongoing chip shortage largely, but despite that, the console has been restocked in several international markets on multiple occasions. Gamers in India have expressed disappointment over Sony’s inability to restock the PlayStation 5 in India but there is no official word from Sony yet.

According to a recent IGN report, a store in Bengaluru named Prepaidgamercard has informed that the restock date has been set to early April, however, there is no confirmation from the company. “Local Sony Centres are preparing for a first week of April PS5 restock, the IGN report said. Digit also cited several retailers as saying that the PS5 restock is expected in April, but its all “hearsay and nothing official.” There is also no word on the availability of the PS5 Digital Edition in India yet.

Before this, it was being reported that the PS5 restock in India will happen in March, with reports saying that stores like Croma and Sony Centres have informed people that restocking of the PlayStation 5 will happen in March. Now, while the PS5 restock remains uncertain, what is certain is that this shows a rather careless approach from the Japanese company for Indian users. Despite the ongoing semiconductor shortage, the company has restocked the PlayStation 5 in the US and UK on several occasions since the November 2020 launch, while India has only seen a single launch, that too, only for the disc variant. A report in Tech Radar quoted Sony PlayStation India chief Prosenjit Ghosh as saying in 2020 that the company is focusing on PlayStation 4 in India and not the PS5.

We reached out to Sony for an official response on the PlayStation 5 restock status in India and will update this story as soon as a response is received.